2d Cavalry Regiment increases strength and readiness with Stryker course

ROSE BARRACKS, Germany – 2d Cavalry Regiment is on the forefront of multinational training and establishing strong alliances with foreign armies as we work together to create a Dynamic Presence throughout Europe. With an impressive fleet of Strykers and high operational tempo, the Regiment faces the challenge of maintaining its vehicles and equipment to the highest standard to remain ready for any mission.

The vital task of maintaining this equipment falls on the Regimental Support Squadron, who stands ready to facilitate the Regiment with their advanced set of mechanical skills. 2CR has come up with a plan to combat any complications that may occur because of the high operational tempo. In order to more quickly and efficiently conduct maintenance on these heavily relied upon Strykers, Soldiers needed an opportunity to broaden their skill set, and thus the Stryker Common Chassis Course was created.

The Stryker Common Chassis Course is a program instructed by Mr. Gary Cameron of TACOM, and was created in June 2015 as a way to increase the operational readiness percentage of 2CR’s Stryker fleet. The 80 hour course teaches Soldiers from throughout the 91 series, including wheeled mechanics, to be cross trained on mechanical skills in order to be proficient in other fields by learning common chassis skills that can be utilized on any of the nine variants of the Stryker. The course focuses on schematic familiarization and gives a better grasp for diagnostics to Soldiers who are not 91S Stryker maintainers.

Currently the course is taught with Infantry Carrier Vehicles (ICV), but Mr. Cameron has hopes of teaching on the Reconnaissance Vehicle (RV) as well. As more mechanics obtain the ability to maintain several Stryker variants, the Regiment sees a myriad of benefits. Training and readiness are two major priorities of USAREUR, and the Stryker Common Chassis Course greatly improves both, but this course helps the Regiment financially as well. With the knowledge obtained at the course, Soldiers are able to properly identify faults and diagnose them, so the correct repair part is ordered the first time, saving the Regiment money and non-mission capable time.

Before the Stryker Common Chassis course began, the operational readiness percentage averaged at about 60% after additional contracting support assets left Rose Barracks. Now 2CR boasts a 91% operational readiness rate that fosters our effectiveness both in garrison and on missions with fellow NATO countries. “The increase in operational readiness rate can be attributed to the courses, as well as hard work, dedication, and a focus on the Command Maintenance Discipline Program”, said 1st Lt. Getoar Luzha, Support Operations Maintenance Officer, RSS.

With the increase in operational readiness, 2CR has been successful in countless missions including Saber Strike ’16, 2CR’s tactical road march from Germany to Estonia in June 2016. We will continue to see the benefits of the course when 2CR deploys to Poland for enhanced Forward Presence. In Poland, 2CR will be using the Regiment’s newest Strykers, and will have mechanics that can utilize their advanced skills, which allows them to be self-sufficient. This will allow the Regiment to focus on their mission and alliance with Poland, further strengthening the Regiment’s relationship with our European allies.

As 2CR continues to reap the benefits of the Stryker Common Chassis Course, the Regiment more firmly establishes itself as a strong fighting force in the European Theater, enhancing our relationship with other NATO countries and ultimately fulfilling USAREUR’s priorities.

Source: US Army

Photo: Pfc. Justin Resto-Sanchez, Spc. Brandon Poirier, Pfc. Abney Cooper, and Spc. Charles Wendt study schematics during the Stryker Common Chassis Course to identify faults in the Stryker, Feb. 23, 2017 on Rose Barracks, Germany. The Stryker Common Chassis Course is a program instructed by Mr. Gary Cameron of TACOM, and was created in June 2015 as a way to increase the operational readiness percentage of 2CR’s Stryker fleet. (Photo Credit: U.S. Army Photo.)

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