2d Cav. Regt. Conduct ROC Drill for Poland Mission

ROSE BARRACKS, Germany – The 2d Cavalry Regiment marked an important milestone by conducting the first of three rehearsals on Feb. 23, 2017 in preparation to stand up a battle group in support of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) in Poland. The regimental sustainment rehearsal of concept (ROC) drill, regimental combined arms rehearsal, and squadron combined arms rehearsal are the three rehearsals necessary to deploy, synchronize, and establish an effective battle group in Poland.

The 2d Cavalry Regiment consistently demonstrates its strength and maneuverability throughout the European Theater, building relationships with our Allies and displaying impressive forces to our adversaries. The Regiment’s complex operations are achievable in part due to the support provided by the members of the Regimental Support Squadron. Before Squadrons deploy across Europe in support of United States Army Europe’s mission, months of planning and preparation are needed. Support Operations, RSS utilizes their advanced knowledge of sustainment to establish the conditions for success.

The Support Operations (SPO) team is led by Maj. Luke Medvegy, RSS, and is comprised of experienced professionals in commodity management. The SPO team coordinates, forecasts, proofs, and provides quality assurance and quality control required to architect a comprehensive concept of support for all 2d Cavalry Regimental plans. After months of working with a unit preparing to deploy, Support Operations conducts a Rehearsal of Concepts (RoC) Drill, outlining the required support needed for the duration of the operation.

Col. Edward Burke, USAREUR Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4, summarized the importance of the sustainment ROC drill by stating “eFP is of historical significance and today starts that journey; we as members of the sustainment enterprise must get this correct.” The sustainment RoC drill painted a full picture of what is required for a successful deployment. Members of support operations spent countless hours conducting site assessments, attending planning and movement conferences with Polish and NATO forces to calculate staff estimates, and analysis of commodity consumption factors to pair exact capabilities required for a successful mission. The RoC Drill is a key validation event allowing the regimental sustainers to come together to brief their plan synchronizing resources in support of the battle group.

Audience members included 2d Cavalry Regiment’s leadership, key logisticians from USAREUR, 21st Theater Sustainment Command, 16th Sustainment Brigade, the German Bundeswehr, and the United Kingdom to synchronize sustainment plans in support of deploying the battlegroup to Poland in support of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence.

The RoC drill was made possible through the leadership of 2d Cavalry Regiment’s Commander, Col. Patrick Ellis as well as Regimental Support Squadron commanded by Lt. Col. Angel Estrada, 2d Squadron commanded by Lt. Col. Steven Gventer, and the regimental staff under the direction of the Regimental Executive Officer, Maj. J. Clint Tisserand.

Source: US Army (USAREUR)

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