US 82nd Airborne Div, firing M777 155mm Howitzer near Mosul, Iraq, 3 Feb 2017, by Spc Craig Jensen [US Army]

Inherent Resolve Strikes Support Battle for Western #Mosul

Recent Inherent Resolve strikes against ISIS/Daesh targets near Mosul have resulted in serious destruction of ISIS materiel.

A BBC reporter described “huge American artillery pieces fired shells at IS positions in and around the besieged city”.

Inherent Resolve Forces Pound ISIS

Announced by the US DoD, 27 Feb. 2017:

Five strikes engaged four ISIS tactical units and two ISIS staging areas; destroyed eight fighting positions, six mortar systems, five vehicles, three vehicle bombs, two roadblocks, two ISIS-held buildings, two rocket-propelled grenade systems, two vehicle bomb facilities, two weapons caches, a tactical vehicle, a sniper position, a supply cache, a bulldozer and a tunnel entrance; damaged nine supply routes and a front-end loader; and suppressed 18 mortar teams and five ISIS tactical units.

Announced by the US DoD, 26 Feb. 2017:

Seven strikes engaged four ISIS tactical units; destroyed 15 fighting positions, 11 mortar systems, three vehicles, three weapons caches, two ISIS-held buildings, two vehicle-borne bombs, a sniper position, an ISIS headquarters, two heavy machine guns, an artillery system, an unmanned-aerial-vehicle staging area and a supply cache; and suppressed 14 mortar teams, two ISIS tactical units, an artillery team and a rocket-propelled-grenade team.

ISIS Fight Back

Daesh have responded with intense drone attacks against Iraqi forces. A witness described the situation as “raining bombs”.

Booby-trapped vehicles are also slowing the Iraqi advance into western Mosul.

Determined Assault

Lieutenant Colonel John Hawbaker, commander of the 1st Squadron, 73rd Cavalry, US Army, told the BBC:

The fight in Mosul would be a huge challenge for any army, but this battle is only going to end with one result.

Iraqi News reported that Iraqi governmnet troops had captured the Tayaran district in western Mosul:

Lt. Gen. Abdul-Amir Yarallah, commander of the Nineveh Operations, said the forces totally recaptured the district and raised the Iraqi flag above its buildings.

Photo: US 82nd Airborne Div, firing M777 155mm Howitzer near Mosul, Iraq, 3 Feb 2017, by Spc Craig Jensen (US Army).

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