Air Force Delivers Army Helicopters to Europe

Air Force Air Mobility Command C-5 Galaxy transports delivered AH-64 Apache helicopters to Ramstein Air Base, Germany, and are expected to deliver UH-60 Black Hawks to Latvia at the end the month as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

U.S. European Command's area of focus includes all of Europe, large portions of Asia, parts of the Middle East and the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. The command is responsible for military relations with NATO and 51 countries with a total population of close to a billion people.

“The speed of the [combat aviation brigade’s] arrival ensures we have additional combat firepower and support if needed at the time and place of our choosing,” said Army Col. Todd Bertulis, U.S. European Command’s deputy director of logistics. “Through the Air Force’s rapid and global strategic reach, we have the ability to reinforce our rotary assets in hours. The continued rapid and responsive logistics efforts of Operation Atlantic Resolve should assure our European allies in maintaining a Europe that is whole, free, prosperous and at peace.”

Strategic Airlift Capability

The Air Force’s strategic airlift capability provides global air transportation and enables Eucom to move the helicopters from their home stations rapidly.

The Apache helicopters are based out of Fort Bliss, Texas, and the Black Hawks are based at Fort Drum, N.Y. They are being deployed to Europe on a nine-month rotation in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve, a U.S. effort designed to reassure European allies in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Some helicopters are being airlifted to various areas across Europe, and some equipment is moved by rail. The combat aviation brigade will bring nearly 2,200 troops and about 50 Black Hawk, 10 Chinook and 24 Apache helicopters to Germany, Latvia and Romania.

Portions of the brigade arrived in Europe via ship at Bremerhaven, Germany, in mid-January. Its operations will include medical transport missions, training and exercise support and various aviation operations throughout Europe to improve interoperability and strengthen relationships with NATO allies, Eucom officials said.

US Department of Defense

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