RAF Typhoons in diamond formation by SAC Chris Ellis (2015)

RAF Destroys ISIS HQ in Mosul

Typhoons Take Out ISIS Position with Paveway IVs

A building in the north-western outskirts of Mosul, Iraq, was destroyed in a precision strike by RAF Typhoons on Tuesday, February 14. After careful surveillance, a building was identified as an ISIS headquarters. A flight of Typhoons then launched a highly accurate attackusing two 500 lb Paveway IVs to destroy the target.

US Forgets to Mention RAF Role in Fight Against ISIS

In their latest release, the US Department of Defense forgot to mention the key role being played by the RAF in the fight against ISIS (called Daesh in British reports). Operation Shader, Operation Inherent Resolve, Global Coalition, the terminology can get confusing, especially when military authorities release vague reports that do not specify who exactly is doing what.

From the US Department of Defense:

With the approval of the government of Iraq, Coalition forces struck an ISIS command and control headquarters and propaganda facility yesterday in western Mosul, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported.

In a release issued today, officials said the five-story Bab Sinjar administration facility was located in the Jumhuri medical community complex.

The ISIS terrorists continue to ignore the Law of Armed Conflict and use protected sites such as hospitals, schools and mosques to try and shield themselves from Coalition airstrikes, the release said. In this instance, coalition forces were able to determine through intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance efforts that ISIS did not use the building for any medical purposes and that civilians were no longer accessing the site, the release said.

The intelligence showed that the building’s sole function was as a military command and control facility for ISIS to oversee its operations against the people of Iraq.

Coalition forces comply with the Law of Armed Conflict, work diligently to be precise in airstrikes and take all feasible precautions during the planning and execution of air strikes to reduce the risk of harm to civilians, the release said.

The strikes conducted against legitimate ISIS military targets are just one of the ways the Coalition continues to work by, with, and through its Iraqi partners to defeat ISIS in Iraq, the release said.

Source: US Department of Defense

From the UK Ministry of Defence:

The RAF are continuing to take the fight to Daesh in Iraq and Syria.


  • Saturday 11 February – Typhoons attacked a tunnel and bunker south-west of Mosul.
  • Sunday 12 February – Tornados destroyed two terrorist supply trucks north-west of Mosul.
  • Tuesday 14 February – Typhoons bombed a Daesh headquarters in north-western Mosul.


As the Iraqi forces prepare for the offensive to liberate the western half of Mosul, Royal Air Force aircraft have patrolled the approaches to that part of the city, gathering intelligence and striking Daesh targets as they are identified. On Saturday 11 February, two Typhoon FGR4s from RAF Akrotiri, supported by a Voyager tanker and armed with Paveway IV guided bombs, conducted a successful attack on a terrorist tunnel and bunker dug into a hillside some seven miles to the south-west of the city. The following day, a pair of Tornado GR4s were directed towards two Daesh cargo trucks which had been spotted five miles north-west of Mosul. The Tornados each fired a Brimstone missile, resulting in direct hits on both vehicles.

Careful surveillance operations allowed a building on the north-western outskirts of Mosul to be identified as a Daesh headquarters. With Iraqi forces keeping close watch from across the Tigris, a flight of Typhoons were able to conduct a highly accurate attack late at night on Tuesday 14 February; two Paveway IVs demolished the target.

Photo: RAF Typhoons in diamond formation by SAC Chris Ellis (Crown Copyright, 2015).