NATO flag by Sgt Paul Shaw (Crown Copyright, 2014)

NATO Meeting of Defence Ministers

This week’s NATO Defence Ministerial is the first of the year and the first chance for Allies, including the UK’s Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon, to meet the new US Defence Secretary James Mattis.

Secretary Mattis knows NATO well from his time as Supreme Allied Commander for Transformation, a post he took up 10 years ago. But the security environment facing NATO has itself been transformed in the intervening decade. So this week’s meeting is a chance for the 28 Allies to take stock of the challenges and opportunities we face, to the East and South of the Alliance, to reinforce the transatlantic bond and to affirm our commitment to deepening that link and our wider Allied engagement.

Priorities for the UK are two-fold:

  1. To ensure that the Alliance continues to make progress on taking forward the ambitious agenda agreed at Warsaw, in particular on modern defence and deterrence towards Russia. On that front (literally), the enhanced forward presence of NATO battlegroups is deploying this Spring to the Baltic States and Poland, with the UK proud to be leading the formation in Estonia, one of our most effective Allies in the Helmand campaign; and
  2. To take stock of what NATO has done since Warsaw to expand NATO’s role in addressing instability on our Southern flank and beyond, including the new NATO Training and Capacity Building activity in Iraq, helping Iraqi security forces build their ability to secure the country after the defeat of Daesh.

All of this requires resources and reform.

The UK is only one of four Allies other than the US currently meeting the NATO target of spending 2% of GDP on defence. The UK supports the new US Administration’s focus on this burden-sharing issue.

But a more effective Alliance is not only about money. It is also about continuing to modernise our structures and ways of working to ensure the Alliance is capable of addressing simultaneously the complex and challenging world around us, including terrorism.

This week’s Ministerial will help set the agenda for this year, one where NATO builds on the achievements and decisions of the Wales and Warsaw Summits and, looking ahead to the next Summit later this year, shows that it is gripping collectively the new challenges we will face together.

Source: MOD (Crown Copyright, OGL)

Photo: NATO flag by Sgt Paul Shaw (Crown Copyright, 2014).

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