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CYBERUK 2017 (#cybersecurity)

CYBERUK 2017 will be the Government’s biggest and most influential IA and Cyber Security event to date. It will be hosted by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) five months after the organisation’s launch. It will share the vision for achieving a step change in UK cyber resilience.

The intention to create a new cyber security operation was announced in a government press release on 19 November 2015, and named as the National Cyber Security Centre in March 2016. CYBERUK 2017 will be its first major event.

According to the NCSC website:

CYBERUK 2017 will be two events in one. It will include the Government’s IA and Cyber Security Flagship event, which for the past decade has been the principal vehicle for engaging with IA and Cyber Security leaders. It will also combine CYBERUK In Practice, the event for the professional community.


CYBERUK Strategy (14 March 2017) will be the Government’s primary conference for briefing 800+ cyber security and IA leaders from across Government, CNI, Industry and Academia. It will feature a Networking Dinner at Liverpool’s historic St George’s Hall on the evening of Monday 13 March.


CYBERUK In Practice (15 – 16 March 2017) will bring together the professional communities. This will include specialists in the design and development of online services and systems, procurement and all areas of ICT delivery. It will be an opportunity to share insights, updates and engagement over the cyber security challenges we all face.

Where: Arena & Conference Centre, Liverpool, UK.

When: 14-16 March 2017.

Who: CYBERUK Strategy will be chaired by Ciaran Martin, CEO, NCSC; CYBERUK In Practice will be chaired by Alex Dewdney, Director NCSC Engagement; speakers not yet confirmed.

How much? Varies from free for public sector to over £1,000 for private sector delegates.

Contact: +44 (0)117 906 4554.

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