HMS Invincible 1982

The Secret US Plan to Give the Falklands to Argentina

Declassified CIA files reveal the secret US plan to let the Argentinians take the Falklands from Britain.

In a top-secret memo entitled ‘Solution to the Falklands Crisis’, the chairman of the¬†National Intelligence Council, Henry Rowen, suggested that 1,800 Britons living on the Falklands be paid to leave:

‘For a period of three years the inhabitants of the Falkland Islands will be given a chance to consider whether they wish to remain on the Falkland Islands or whether they wish to relocate to an area of British jurisdiction, either in the UK or elsewhere under British sovereignty, with a relocation grant of $100,000 per person.’

Source: Secret CIA Files: The Plan To Give The Falklands To Argentina | Forces TV

Photo: HMS Invincible returns to massive celebrations following victory in the Falklands War, 1982; lined up on deck are Sea King helicopters from 820 Naval Air Squadron and Sea Harrier FRS1 aircraft from 800 Naval Air Squadron (Crown Copyright).

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