Northern Ireland - Shankill Road, Belfast, c1970 (Fribbler, family album)

Ending the #Army Witch-Hunt

Police and prosecutors will be banned by law from turning investigations of British troops in Northern Ireland into a ‘witch-hunt’. Ministers have begun work on legislation which will compel authorities to treat historical cases with ‘proportionality’. Under proposals being drafted in Whitehall, there would be an upper age limit on who could be investigated, a five-year time limit on how long an inquiry can last, and a limit on maximum sentences for anyone found guilty.

The news comes after it was revealed that a 75-year-old Chelsea pensioner had been grilled by the police for hours about a shoot-out with IRA terrorists in Northern Ireland.

It also emerged that:

law firms had played a major role in forcing 31 new hearings into 57 killings by Army personnel.

Soldiers who risk their lives to serve their country should not live in fear that their actions will one day be used against them by unscrupulous law firms. What army could operate under such conditions? What effect does this have on recruitment?

Source: End of the Ulster witch-hunt? Cap on the age for ‘suspects’ is proposed¬† | Daily Mail Online

Photo: The Shankill Road, Belfast, c1970 (Fribbler, c1970).

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