RAF Typhoon FGR4

RAF Continues Air Strikes Against Daesh

British forces have continued to conduct air operations in the fight against Daesh

The RAF continued air strikes against Daesh targets throughout December 2016. The latest in a series of strikes came on 27 December as RAF Typhoons destroyed a heavy-machine-gun position west of Raqqah in support of Syrian Democratic Forces.

Operations for December 2016 include:

  • Thursday 22 December – south-west of Sinjar in northern Iraq: Tornados destroyed a tank.
  • Friday 23 December –
    • north of Tabaqah in Syria: Typhoons bombed a terrorist position
    • north-east of Haditha in Iraq: Tornados destroyed a weapons cache
    • near Mosul, Iraq: a Reaper drone destroyed an artillery piece
  • Sunday 25 December – in and around Mosul, Iraq: Tornados and Typhoons attacked three Daesh targets .
  • Tuesday 27 December – west of Raqqah, Syria: Typhoons destroyed a heavy machine-gun position whilst supporting Syrian Democratic Forces.

Source: Update: air strikes against Daesh – News stories – GOV.UK

Photo: Royal Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 by SAC Tim Laurence, RAF (Crown Copyright, 2016).